Garance Capital
cinema.jpgGarance Capital is a new financing and coproduction company dedicated to feature films.
Garance Capital est une société de financement et de coproduction de longs-métrages de cinéma créée en juin 2010.

Garance fields of interest / Garance intervient dans les domaines suivants :
          • financial coproduction / coproduction financière
          • trade of distribution & broadcasting rights / achat et ventes de droits
          • financing of distribution and international sales MG / Financement de MG distributeurs et vendeurs internationaux
Garance invests in films having a minimum of 50% of its budget already financed / Garance n'intervient que pour des films ayant déjà au moins 50% de leur budget financé.
Investment committee / Comité d'investissement :

    Bernard Tanguy
    Jean-Charles Mille
    Joël Catherin
    Valérie Boas
    Bruno Costa Marini
    Hervé Tanguy
News : 

2014 : Garance Capital coproduces "Move", a film by Fanny Jean-Noël (documentary)
Prod : Premium Productions
> Shooting :  2011-oct 2013 around the world
2013 : Garance Capital coproduces "Parenthèse (interlude)", a comedy by Bernard Tanguy.
Prod : Rezina Productions / Maje Productions / La Clairière Production
> Shooting : august / september 2013
2013 : Garance Capital coproduces "Banana", a film by Andrea jublin
Prod : Good Films
Sales : Premium Films
> Shooting : 2013
2012 : Garance Capital coproduces "Océane", a film by Philippe Appietto & Nathalie Sauvegrain
Prod : Rezina Productions / Maje Productions / La Clairière Production
Sales : Premium Films

07/11/2012 : French national release of "L'air de rien" by Gregory Magne & Stephane Viard (distrib : Rezo Films)

03/10/2012 : French national release of "Reality" by Matteo Garrone (distrib : Le Pacte)

27/05/2012 : "Reality" by Matteo Garrone wins the "Grand Prize" at the International Cannes Festival.

09/05/2012 : "Sea no Sex and Sun" bye Christophe Turpin has been released in France by Pathé.

01/05/2012 : "Reality" by Matteo Garrone has been selected in the official competition of the Cannes Film festival 2012. Il will be screened on saturday the 8th of May at 10 PM.

21/03/2012 : "Bye, bye Blondie" by Virginie Despentes has been released in France by Happiness.

12/10/2011 : "Oxygène (Adem)" by Hans Van Nuffel has been released in France by Premium Film / Garance Capital.
13/09/2011 : Garance Capital coproduces "L'air de rien", a comedy by Grégory Magne et Stéphane Viard with Michel Delpech
Prod : Les films velvet / French distrib : Rezo Films / Intl sales : SND
> Shooting : sept/oct 2011

05/08/2011 : Garance Capital coproduces and cofinances the French distribution of "Reality" by Matteo Garrone
Production and sales : Fandango / French distrib : Le Pacte
> Shooting : june/july 2011

01/06/2011 : Garance Capital coproduces "Sea, no sex and sun", a comedy by Christophe Turpin with Antoine Dulery, Fred Testot, Julie Ferrier...
Produced by Quasar Pictures / Sales & France distrib : Pathé.
> Shooting : june/july 2011

08/04/2011 : Garance Capital coproduces "Bye bye Blondie", a film by Virginie Despentes with Emmanuelle Béart, Béatrice Dalle, Soko, Stomy Bugsy, Clara Ponsot, Pascal Greggory...
Produced by Red Star / Sales : Wild Bunch / France distrib : Happiness

Oxygen12/12/2010 : Garance Capital has acquired the international rights for "Oxygen (Adem)", a film by Hans Van Nuffel (A Private View, Belgium).
Sales & France distrib : Premium Film / Garance Capital

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